Welcome to ThreeBit Media

Our culture has grown to be highly media-centric. Advertising, communication, and even the way we socialize with each other has changed stunningly of the last fifty years and continues to evolve rapidly.   I’m here to help you navigate the world of audio and video production, web development, photography, and more. If you need help getting your business aligned with our media-centric society or just need a job or two done well, I’d love to hear from you.



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Behind the Curtain

I’m Bill Knechtel. Hi!

You could say I grew up with new media. I was lucky enough to be a child when the first generation of home computers became available, and a grandfather that loved tech. I began tapping code into a computer when I was 8. Also in my grandfather’s footsteps, I started running sound at a church when I was 11. I started learning graphic design with a job at a print shop when I was 17. I began working as a deejay when I was 18, and even went to school to learn broadcasting for a couple years (graduation is another story, though ;-) and also began learning web design around the same time. I became a support technician for an ISP at 23, around the same time I began learning photography.

Now in my early forties, I still do all of these things in one form or another.  I’ve always been passionate about media, and am always thrilled to bring others along for the ride.


Hit Refresh

There was once a time that I had the preeminent articles on using multiple sitemap files with a sitemap index for a website, and on negative z-index values and their effect in certain browsers.  That time has gone.  I’m starting over.  New site, new blog, new content – wiping the slate, and refreshing it all. …