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Anyone can pick up a calligrapher’s pen and make marks on a piece of paper. Truly becoming a calligrapher, however, requires dedication, good aesthetic sense and the technical expertise that comes with years of study and practice. Similarly, good web design requires more than a text editor and a graphics program. I have over a decade of experience and study in web design, and I’m ready to work with you to bring your project online.

Each site I design gets careful consideration in each of the following aspects web development (Hover your mouse over each for a more complete explanation):

I'm proficient with the web's hottest programing languages, design tools, web frameworks, and media technologies. I can help you build anything from a small personal blog to a huge database-driven social media website.

Reliable Hosting For Your Website

So that you don't have to try and coordinate all the various bits and pieces that go into getting a website online, I can help you find and register your domain name, and also provide world-class secure web and email hosting for your website, starting at only $9.95 per month. I can be a one-stop shop for you, and make sure you're well taken care of online.

Podcasting and Rich Media

I have a deep love for broadcasting. I became a radio voice talent (aka DeeJay) when I was in my late teens and developed a lifelong entusiasm for it. I even studied for a degree in communications with an emphasis in broadcasting before my hobby of computing became my profession. I can't tell you how exciting it is to be living in a time where two of my great passions come together in the form of audio and video podcasting.

There are many ways to get your message to an audience or target demographic. There are times when a static website with text and graphics is the perfect way of getting that message out. There are other times when it takes audio and video to best speak to your audience. When it comes time to use rich media, I'll help you choose the techniques and tools that would suit the situation best. And, having actually been a broadcaster, I can bring a level of professionalism and technical expertise to your project that will make it a step above the rest.

Versatility and Quality

I can help you publish your audio or video directly from your website, as part of a blog, or from iTunes or any other media service you may desire. I can teach you the skills you need to record your own episodic content, or do the recording for you and just hand you the finished product for you to publish. It's all up to you.

Beyond the Web

If you want to take your project over the air, I can edit and make sure your audio and video is appropriately timed and formatted for broadcast media. I own royalty-free music and effects libraries and work closely with musicians, videographers, and script writers, so you can rest assured that you're well taken care of in all your multimedia projects.