All Things BBQ Website

This site is built on the Ruby on Rails Framework, and includes full e-commerce functionality. I actually started with an extant e-commerce/CMS Rails app, and wound up extending it very heavily.

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StraightLine HDD Website

This website was a challenge de to its complex navigational needs. However, its the first in its industry to offer full e-commerce and sets a new bar aesthetically.

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Paternity USA Redesign

The owner of Paternity USA wanted a full facelift for his website. I started by designing a brand new logo and analyzing his navigational needs. In the end I had built a hame page template, a content page template, and a skin for his shopping cart.

Family Genetics

The Family Genetics website features super-simple navigation and an extremely streamlined e-commerce experience. It also features an introduction video with voiceover and flash animation. It uses a slightly animated flash loader to keep the initial download size very small.

The Forensic Testing Laboratories Website

While this site was a bit light on content, I really loved the oversized primary navigation and the eerily colored layered background. This is one of the first sites I built using a true grid system to give everything an almost unconscious cohesiveness.

HomeDNA Packaging and Poster

This was a fun project. Not only did I get to design the product packaging, but a full set of Point-of-Sale materials including a poster, rack card, and multimedia CD-ROM. The product pictured in this poster is actually a 3D rendering of the finished box, not a photograph.

Personal Calling Card

In an effort to reintroduce the concept of the personal calling card, a website dedicated to creative freelancers called Freelance Switch and a media company called Go Media jointly held a calling card design contest. I was honored as a runner up with this entry.

The Forensic Testing Laboratories Booklet

As well as a new website, the FTL wanted something memorable to hand out at conventions. This custom 16 page booklet holds detailed information about the lab's capabilities, a glossary, a rolodex card tear-out, and fits inside a jacket pocket.


This shiny fellow was built as a personal project using Blender 3D. Eventually this little dude will have Mom & Dad bots, a little brother bot, and a dog bot to keep it company.

Yucca Photograph

At the foot of the Organ mountains in Las Cruces, New Mexico you'll find the icons of the high desert like this yucca cactus. Of course you'll also find poisonous reptiles and arachnids, but we'll stick to the cacti for now. Shot on 35mm film and touched up in Photoshop.

The Organ Mountains

While living in Southern New Mexico's Mesilla Valley I, like most others that live there, developed a deep love for the beauty of the Organ mountains. Shot on 35mm film and touched up in Photoshop. The place I was standing while taking this shot is now covered by townhouses.